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Long and luxurious hair and thick, wavy tresses that frame the face have been envied and desired by many all over the world over. Hair extensions can help you to achieve the look and style of long, thick hair without the time spent waiting for hair to grow or the hassle of day-to-day maintenance.

With extremely high costs, hair extensions were once considered a privilege reserved for the rich and famous. However, with new advances in technology, hair extensions, clip-in bangs, and hairpieces are easily becoming more available and more affordable for everyone.

At Camille's Concepts, we bring you world-class hair extensions from Crisace - Professional Hair Enhancement Systems, these extensions offer affordable and high quality hair extensions for those looking to add volume, length, or color to their natural hair color. These hair extensions make use of the latest technology and the best materials to bring wearable, reusable, lightweight solutions for problems varying from thinning hair to fashion emergencies. All Crisace 100% AAA Remy human hair is guaranteed for the life of the extensions as long as the Crisace professional hair care line is used to care for the human hair extension.

For stylists looking to learn more about Crisace hair extensions, contact us at Camille's Creations or place an order online to see these quality and affordable hair extensions for yourself.

Advantages of Crisace Human Hair Extensions

When you choose Crisace human hair extensions, you get the advantage of 100% reusable AAA Remy human hair extensions. These beautiful extensions can be permed, colored, highlighted, low lighted, and toned, just like real hair. This gives you the freedom to match the extensions to your real hair, instead of struggling to match your natural hair to the extensions. Therefore, Crisace makes adding volume to your hair simpler while giving you the best-looking results.

Learn more about what makes Crisace luxury hair extensions unique.

Types of Hair Extensions We Supply

Hair Extensions from Crisace

From the wide range of Crisace - Professional Hair Enhancement Systems, we bring you three of the most popular and widely used hair extension lines: Celeb2Go, Ready2Go, and Hair2Go.

Celeb2Go – These are luxurious human hair clip-in extensions that give you celebrity-like hair instantly! Each set comes with four pieces designed to add uniform volume to your hair. In just a few minutes your hair will be longer, thicker, and still look completely natural. Made from 100% Crisace AAA Remy Human Hair, the Celeb2Go system is damage free. You can use these hair extensions repeatedly, and they last for years. They can be colored, straightened with a flat iron, and even curled with hot rollers. You can treat and style these hair extensions like your natural hair!

Ready2Go – The Ready2Go hair extension system uses a cold-fusion system to ensure that it is easy to install, lays flat against the head, and doesn't require any heat to stay in place. The best part about it is that it is reusable! The cold fusion tab is completely invisible, reusable, and blends with the natural hair. These hair extensions are available in 7 natural shades, 2 blended shades, and 6 fantasy shades, so the possibilities are endless! Each extension can be colored to custom-suit the client as well!

Hair2Go – Using Hair2Go hair extensions is a fast and easy way to add volume, experiment with color, or give yourself a complete makeover instantly. Made of a synthetic fiber that is designed to match the texture of human hair, no one will be able to tell that you are wearing these extensions. The best part is that you do not need to go to the salon every time you want these extensions. They are easy to put in yourself and can be installed in just a few minutes. Hair2Go is available in 17 unique blended shades, each with its own natural highlights and low lights, as well as 6 fantasy shades including neon colors. Therefore, whether you are looking for a natural extension or a pop of color, Hair2Go has what you are looking for at an affordable price.

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Ever since Victoria Beckham sparked the trend by magically "growing" her hair overnight, hair extensions have been in demand across the world. Instead of the clumsy and bulky bundles that most companies offer, Crisace offers flat tab reusable extensions for hair that are affordable and safe for even the most fragile hair.

To learn more about the different types of reusable Crisace hair extensions, to order extensions for your salon, or to sign up for our Crisace hair extension academy to receive professional training on using these hair extensions, contact us today!

For individuals interested in buying Crisace hair extensions for personal use, see our directory for where to get hair extensions.

Professional Hair Enhancement Systems by Crisace

Hair Extensions: Quality Extension Systems from Crisace Hair Extensions: Quality Extension Systems from Crisace Hair Extensions: Quality Extension Systems from Crisace Hair Extensions: Quality Extension Systems from Crisace
Hair Extensions: Quality Extension Systems from Crisace Hair Extensions: Quality Extension Systems from Crisace Hair Extensions: Quality Extension Systems from Crisace Hair Extensions: Quality Extension Systems from Crisace